Asteroids are scattered throughout the galaxy. They vary in hardness, making some tougher to mine than others; the mining efficiency shows this as the ratio between strength of the Mining Lasers and the amount mined per cycle. These mineral deposits can be mined and sold at the refinery.  As you progress through the systems you will find harder minerals that are worth more money. They can also be collected and traded in specific outposts. These missions are listed under the Jobs menu and can be completed at anytime. Lastly, they can be refined into various materials for use in the laboratory.


Tier 1
Asteroid adamyte
Market Price: $5
Mining Efficiency: 25%
Refinement: Salt Crystal/Aluminum Shard (22%/25%)

A very common construction material can be extracted from Adamyte. Its abundance makes for easy mining and it is always in high demand.


Tier 2
Asteroid gradeon
Market Price: $8.5
Mining Efficiency: 14.706%
Refinement: Bio Carbon/Iron Coring (22%/25%)

This soft mineral is often used in agriculture and medicine. Gradeon is very resistant to bacterial growth, and is often refered to as the 'sterile mineral'.


Tier 3
Asteroid quazor
Market Price: $13.5
Mining Efficiency: 9.259%
Refinement: Molecular Water/Plastix Strand (21%/25%)

High prized for its incredible strength, Quazor is used in the manufacturing of ship components such as armor and hull structures.


Tier 4
Asteroid lokken
Market Price: $21.5
Mining Efficiency: 5.814%
Refinement: Copperi Cubex/Black stone (21%/25%)

Lokken is a soft ore that serves as an excellent electrical conduit. Used in consumer goods, high end computer systems and often found in jewelry.


Tier 5
Asteroid torim
Market Price: $34.5
Mining Efficiency: 3.623%
Refinement: Neutron Pod/Magnetic Quartz (20%/24%)

This uncommon ore is scarce throughout the region. Its high demand is due to its ability to store magnetic data in large quantity.


Tier 6
Asteroid plasite
Market Price: $55.5
Mining Efficiency: 2.252%
Refinement: Silveryte Powder/Calciate Residue (19%/24%)

A rare ore, sought after for its explosive properties. Used almost exclusively in the manufacturing of weapons ordinance and ammunition.


Tier 7
Asteroid dynex
Market Price: $89.5
Mining Efficiency: 1.397%
Refinement: Goldyte Dust/Dynex Crystal (18%/23%)

An extremely rare crystal-like mineral, prized for its beauty. In raw form, this ore is dangerous due to its ability to store radiation for long periods