When a new ship is bought in the station the old ship ends in the hangar if there is enough free slots. The pilot may purchase hangar space in order to store more goods and asteroids. This article refer to the Kongregate version, in case there are differences in how the Standalone version treats the hangar.

The Hangar serves at least two purposesEdit

  • It can store four ships. This cost no extra when buying a ship and when 4 slots are used, buying a 5th ship sells a previous ship.
  • It stores cargo. 1k space may be leased to store the ships content and if this is not enough you may lease/buy another 1k space.
  • The lease of hangar space or ships in tha hangar do not expire in the normal meaning of the word.

How to use the hangarEdit

  • When a new ship is bought the old is stored in the hangar. This lets the pilot change back to the previous ship when needed.
  • When a ship has filled the cargo bay a new cargo bay may be bought or space in the hangar may be bought. After space is bought you may enter the ship inside the stations and unload your cargo.

How to complete the loading and unloading of cargoEdit

  • In the ship menu click on cargo and then click unload. The unload action requires free space in the hangar and of course some cargo inside the ship's cargo bay.
  • To load the ship with cargo go to the hangar, select the cargo, asteroids or utility that should be loaded onboard the ship.

Possibly reasons for the hangarEdit

  • When completing a job it could be difficult to aquire enough goods or asteroids and it is a pity to sell your precious asteroids if you miss just a few to get decent paid, completing a high paid job. With the hanger the cargo bay in the ship can be used for utilities and weapons and not mining. When a cargo box in space is found the parts could be sold, refined or stored in the hangar in every star systems.
  • If the market does not buy your cargo, you may store it in the hangar until you have enough to transport it to another sytem and get better paid.
  • The cargo could be used to upgrade the ship components inside the laboratory.
  • The hangar could be a part of the survival strategy to achieve your goals, and the hangar is a cheap replacement for bulding multiple cargo bays in the ship. The ship should have active tools not cargo and fuel. A cool tactic is to use an agile ship ad fight in the local system then get back to the hangar and chage the ship, which could either be a big freighter ship or just the air craft carrier. Then you may either use tha hagar to let you have the chance to have a heavy fighter or just give yourself a challenge by having the smallest ship possible and fly around your enemies without getting hit by any missiles or laser beams.

When to use the hangar instead of a cargo bayEdit

  • Suppose you have a small and cheap ship. Then you have litte cargo space and you might add a cargo bay. However you also have a small numer of static modules so adding the cargo bay is not what you want. You still want to be able to collect cargo from mining or crates floating around in space so no compromises is done. You want both lots of space, lots of weapons, lots of target equipment and of course high speed. Well then the cargo bay must go. Buy it and put it in the unused modules slots or just fight and you may get one for free.
  • A small / medium ship should have, great engines providing high speed, a few antennas providing good targeting, an extra fuel if the fuel consumption is high due to the powerful engine(s). No extra cargo bays which could slow down the ships's agility / turn ratio, and enough energy to power your weapons. All these ship upgrades uses a few slots and removing a cargo bay and a fuel tank in the ship could be a good tactic.

Worth mentioningEdit

If you visit a station with a low price modifier it is a good idea to buy the high priced modules and keep them in the garage. The upgrades uses no space in the cargo bay, and no slots. The garage supports multiple pages so there is no need to sell the upgrades unless the pilot is short of money, which should never happen anyway. The hangar does not store ship upgrades.