Light ArmorEdit

Light armour reinforcement module. This static module will provide an additional 150 hull points.

Light armor

Light Armor

Variant Price Max Armor Points
Basic 500 125
Rare 2000 187.5
Epic 1500 200
Artifact 1000 225

Medium PlateEdit

Medium Plate Armour is a great addition to any smaller class ship. A 250 hull point bonus for any ship equipped with this module.

Medium plate

Medium Plate

Variant Price Max Armor Points
Basic 2500 250
Rare 10000 312.5
Epic 7500 333.3
Artifact 5000 375

Heavy SteelEdit

Heavy Steel Plate armour is a marvel of engineering. Tempered steel layered atomically and fused with ionic plasma, this armor is the best value for the cost.

Heavy steel

Heavy Steel

Variant Price Max Armor Points
Basic 5500 400
Rare 22000 500
Epic 16500 533.3
Artifact 11000 600

Dual PlateEdit

This hull upgrade will greatly increase the integrity of your ship hull, providing the pilot with a better chance of survival when trying to escape large pirate swarms.

Dual plate

Dual Plate

Variant Price Max Armor Points
Basic 12500 550
Rare 50000 687.5
Epic 37500 733.3

Heavy TitaniumEdit

Heavy Titanium armour can provide increased stability to your shi's hull. It is somewhat lightweight in comparison to lesser upgrades, without sacrificing its protective properties.

Heavy titanium

Heavy Titanium

Variant Price Max Armor Points
Basic 25500 750
Rare 102000 937.5
Epic 76500 1000
Artifact 51000 1125

Battle CoreEdit

Battle Core armour is rare, and very difficult to locate. Its strength and minimal weight make this hull upgrade one of the best around. Its price however reflects this upgrade's high demand.

Battle core

Battle Core

Variant Price Max Armor Points
Basic 32500 1000
Rare 130000 1250
Epic 97500 1333.3
Artifact 65000 1500