Unity4 (Astrox demo 10) Space Game

Unity4 (Astrox demo 10) Space Game

Strategy will vary based on a pilots preferred style, enemy difficulty and available equipment.

NOTE: effective range of all weapons save for drones is approx. 150 km. Beyond that, beam and projectile weapons become so horridly inaccurate as to practically never hit; missiles run out of fuel. Having a targting range greatly above 150 km will lead to drastic loss of energy and/or ammunition.

Early Game Tips and Tricks Edit

  • On your first playthrough, it is strongly recommended that you don't alter the difficulty settings from the default, and get a hold of the basics first, as the game has the built in function to start in a new galaxy without losing you ship, credits, modules etc...
  • The autopilot is your friend, you're better off picking targets and destinations with your mouse rather than attempted to fly there yourself
  • Be sure to look through the in-game settings (a menu can be opens with Esc). I highly recommend turning on auto refuel and auto repair, it saves a bit of hassle every time you dock and ensure that you'll never leave with an empty tank or battered hull
  • Your early game source of income should be kills, killing aliens gives a credit bounty and earns you "tokens" that can traded for credits in the kill category under jobs. Mining missions usually ask for asteroids that are difficult to obtain early game and should be ignored unless you already have the means to complete them, transport mission should be ignored entirely.
  • The mining escort (link to ship info) is excellent early game, cheap at $35000 and comes with a a very large amount of slots, shields hull, handling etc... for it's price, a must buy in the early game
  • Lasers should be your main early game weapon, as you tend to have little cargo space for ammunition or missiles.
  • Keep and eye on fuel, energy and shields, and be sure to equip the relevant static modules.
  • Drones provide strong early game firepower, and should be prioritized over active module weapons as they consume no energy, ammunition, missiles. Be sure to dock and undock them when their energy gets low, as they can be lost and need to be rebought if their energy reaches 0. Keep in mind each ship can only launch a specific number of drones at any given time.
  • A shield booster can go a long way, keeping shields up when in combat.
  • Zoom out check the positions of asteroids, stations, pirates an crates. Crates are especially valuable as they can contain unique, improved (Rare, Epic and Artifact) versions of modules.
  • Economy is important, your focus should be to equip yourself before getting into serious combat.Credits should be prioritized on getting better ships, modules and drones before upgrading them in the laboratory or skills in the university.
  • Occasionally you can encounter non-pirate NPCs in your travels. They will share upgrade recipes for the laboratory and may occasionally be merchants that sell unique versions of modules.

Missile StrategyEdit

A proper set-up to evade basically ALL damage is by buying the most Battle Launchers and installing them on your ship, with the exception of one slot that is dedicated to a Heavy After Burner. Buy the best targeting system you can and buy the long-range missiles. The way this works is by adding up the distance of your targeting system, your ship's targeting capability and finally the missile's range. Effectively, you can be shooting missiles off anywhere from 40 - 100 KM away**, depending on your ship, targeting system, and missile type.

To achieve this, the user can simply activate all modules (hotkey 0 for simultaneous activation), and watch as all the pirates in the system are destroyed. 

The only downside to this is the amount of fuel consumption. You will be required to redock with your nearest station very frequently, this strategy often takes a lot of capital to begin with. When used correctly, a pirate hunter can last at least 3 resets before needing to dock. An expert pirate hunter can stay indefinitely as long as they keep their shields, hulls, and fuel up. Utilizing Heavy Fuel Cells, Heavy Repair Drones, Heavy Shield Charges, and Heavy Battery Charges is often a good plan. However, it is much easier to last 3 waves, redock to restore shields/energy/fuel and save precious cargo space for other uses such as more missiles.

|** Note:

- If you happen to have multiple top tier targeting systems available, you can install them together to further extend your range. Depending on the quality of the targeting systems, you can easily extend the LR missile firing range to 150 KM or more. The alert range for pirates appears to be around 120 KM.  Thus, with a sufficiently extended range, you can position your ship to fire on pirates without drawing any retaliatory response.

- Don't forget about research. Research can make your missiles more deadly. For this one, I prefer do some reload rate research. Talking to NPCs can obtain the recipe, or you can research yourself(trial and error). Do the research until your missile weapon lv 40 or more. This can waste your ammo, but your survival rate will increase(for killing speed).

If anyone is willing to edit further to this strategy they are welcome to do so. Will be needing it since game is updated quite frequently.

Beam Weapon StrategyEdit

Beam weapons appear to have a set probability to hit, unlike the other weapons.  One way to make use of this is to keep auto pilot on while using an afterburner- with a normal medium afterburner, this will make you circle your target at an average distance of about 30-40 km.  At this distance, most pirates cannot target you, while you can hit them with more advanced targetting systems.  However, high fuel/energy consumption is a serious downside.

Projectile StrategyEdit

Projectile Weapons and blasters generally have the best DPS or damage/time ratio, although larger weapons have poor accuracy and reduced damage against smaller ships. You can change ammo type and cannon type if you know you will be fighting specific pirate mixes, to effectively engage them, or you can separate the enemies and make several trips equipping different guns. Medium-size or cruiser class ships should be attacked with Medium or Heavy Cannon. Ultra-Capital ships are best dealt with at range with sniper shells and powerful Battle or Assault guns. The speed of the autocannons and assault blasters does not seem to affect accuracy and they are still light and ultra-capital guns respectively. Ammo usage depends on the enemy and their mobility. Using flak shells in auto cannons for closer small ships is viable. However they can also be used against less mobile ships, which cannot evade you. LR Sniper ammo can be used against Capital ships, but also against fast medium ships which would otherwise not stay in locking range. Equip a heavy shield regenerator if desired, as well as at least one shield module, and some core modules, to endure hits.

Drone Strategy Edit

Drones, like Beam weapons, consume no ammunition, but they also leave your energy supply untouched. While their DPS may be low in comparison to other weapons, their biggest advantage is that they do not require any active slots. This means that they can fulfill a support role on all capital ships. Using them on their own, however, allows you to equip multiple heavy shield boosters, giving you more endurance than any other composition. A capital class ship, equipped with drone expansion lockers,multiple assault batteries, and powerful targeting systems and shield boosters, should be able to fight pirates indefinitely.

The range of a drone appears to be limited, but is far greater than you would expect. I have seen them deal damage over a distance of 300 kilometres.

It should be noted however, that this strategy requires a significant starting capital. A Tactical Dreadnought can deploy a maximum of 80 drones, but these numbers swiftly dwindle for cheaper vessels.

Mining StrategyEdit

The golden rule of mining is that mining a higher-ranked asteroid is always better than a lower-ranked one. The prices rise quicker than the gains per second drop. Mining class vessels are your friend, as are large cargo bays. Getting superior mining lasers is also vital, as they give greater yields per second and per unit of energy. As soon as it's possible Deadspace asteroids are to be made a priority. One can find Dynex there with ease, which is only possible within the first sectors if the asteroid rarity is set to max.

Pirate HuntingEdit

I would recommend using a lot of beam weapons and using a Capital Class energy storage/generator(I got mine from pirate officer) and targeting systems. That is what I do most of the time.

Crate CollectionEdit

The easiest method to collect crates is to create a custom list. By clicking and dragging, all objects in space within the resulting rectangle are added to a list. Said list functions the same as the default lists (asteroids, pirates, etc.) and can let you quickly auto-select the next crate, although you still have to manually open them. It should be noted that you may not be able to select only crates within the area. If you want to remove something from the list, shift-click it on the list to take it off. This strategy also works to specify other groups as well, be they clusters of asteroids or swarms of pirates. Pro tip: Alt+click works on crates.

Ship Specific StrategyEdit

With the latest build, the higher-ranked ships come with certain bonuses to the installed modules. It goes without saying that it's one's best bet to make a good use of that by employing modules that will work best for a certain ship. Conversely, because there are also player levels and skills to be considered, it's wise to pick a ship that will play well with them. For instance, using an Assault Dreadnought combined with good missile skills and missile-enhancing modulators will allow the player to unleash a horrifying hail of death. Adhering to the same principle will allow to make great use of virtually any ship.

The mining class vessels, although quite capable of combat, are best deployed otherwise. Still, it's advisable that one carry some decent weapons on them just in case. While it's possible to avoid being attacked in Deadspace, in the sectors there is a risk of getting swarmed. Which is not fun if one has just gathered a huge load of Dynex.

The transport liners are good for one purpose only, and that's transporting a lot of cargo. It's quite pointless to use them for anything else, including mining. Even the Destroyer and Dreadnought class ships can't quite compare to them in the cargo bay size. It's advisory to have a powerful generator and shield chargers, intention being to avoid fighting altogether..

Miscellaneous StrategiesEdit

Two Assault Core's will cover any mining and travel with out need of fuel. If you are getting killed immediately upon entering a system, try turning off auto pilot before warping and having afterburner engaged to escape to a station before fighting.

The lab can be used to raise a module's power tremendously, perhaps indefinitely. Even if not, it's quite possible to have lasers strong enough to 1 hit KO a pirate commander and a locking range of over 300 km. It's my guess that the real limits are far above that, and that it's possible - hypothetically - to destroy even the dens in one hit.

One has to be mindful, however. While raising the attack power of beam and projectile weapons is always a good idea, it's not so with rockets. While a level 100 Artefact Battle Laser is strong enough to destroy a Pirate Commander effortlessly, a level 100 Artefact Battle Launcher will unleash 500 rockets per cycle, making it easy to be instantly left without ammunition at a tight spot.

Also, because the strongest lasers and cannons are not very accurate, it's wise to increase the fire rate, in order to deal with the smaller crafts. Doing so will increase the number of landed hits per second, and that is of utmost importance once the damage per hit is great enough. An alternate strategy for dealing with weak ships is to have many drones. Autogun drones can easily supplement lasers with a slow rate of fire to give a good mix.

The game is set in a real 3D environment. It's possible to fly from one area to another without using the hyperdrive. You need a good amount of fuel reserve for this. This can be used to buy better ships and better equipment.

One thing to keep in mind when warping into a hostile system is this: The station is your best friend. You get away from pirates, instantly recharge shields and energy, and generally going into the station causes the pirates to fly back to their patrol areas.

With that in mind, one of the first thing that one should do when going into a hostile system, is to make a bee line for the station. ESPECIALLY if you're in a higher-tier system... Even with good equipment, that many pirates greeting you at the warp gate can mess your hull up pretty badly. If however you're finding that on your way to the station you're getting killed, here's an idea: Click on the station and set it to autopilot. When the ship is traveling in that direction, turn the autopilot off, and target nearby pirates that are shooting at you. With good range, and drones, you can pick the pirates off as you fly away from them. Make sure you've got auto-dock set to true, so that when you're in range of that you're instantly docked. This is a good way to get some of the heat off your back, and by turning the autopilot off you don't persue the pirates, which means you get to the station faster.

Playthrough strategy Edit

If the intention is to have 0 deaths, see everything and try everything the pilot needs to be patient, as I recall that's one of the first in game tips you get.

Anyway players who want the biggest ship in the fastest possible way could aim for the Kolekax Oasis as soon as you think you can travel the long distance.

I did the travel when I had a capital ship, but I met NPC's with Scout ships so it could be possible. It has to be tried just to see if it is possible. How to reach the star system. Zoom out as much as possible, then see all the other star systems. Click on Oasis and select Travel through deadspace, make sure you have enough fuel, big enough tanks and travel at the speed which has the best fuel vs distance ratio. With a capital ship travelling at 133 vs the scout 4 or 5 the fuel consumption is just a few minutes with a tank of 1200. But when the ship is travelling at 5 it takes ages to reach the destination, but the fuel consumption is much less. Point to the star system, travel slow (keep an afterburner to get out of trouble though) and the reward in the destination system is great.

If you are too brave and travel too soon prepare for a fight (run as fast as you can) and autodock. In the Kolakax Oasis try to reach Beta Oasis, as this is the cheapest station. Here you may find everything you need. In the Oasis all types of asteroids may be mined, and if you reach it through dead space with a small ship stay out of trouble which is more than 400 km from the nearest pirate to stay out of their detection zone. With the Nova capital ship you may do as you please. Best of luck to the brave player who want to experiment. Hmm, the experiment page is actually missing in the Astrox wiki site.

Logged in and ready to write a little different strategy

The experiment strategy Edit

What could be missing on this great wiki is an experiment page where cool stuff could be shared. For now this experiment is placed in the strategy page, which isn't that wrong.

Note about this section. Even though it is in the strategy page, the article is not meant to everyone. New players get lots of good and bad tips reading the article. There are few hints, just plain answers. There is no help how to achieve the destination or how to survive before you are already dead in a difficult system. It takes ages to do this the first time and a few seconds / minutes when you have reached the system. (Try to stay awake and pay attention) It almost ruins the goal in the game. If you do not know what the goal in the game is, then nothing will be ruined.

Second note. If you are a seasoned player and want to try other stuff, then there might be parts in the article that is new to you, or strange ideas. Note three. If you are new to the game and want to try something new, then read the article not from first line to the last line but jump here and there to get hints, ideas what you may achieve, what you have ruined or how not to do thing. Note four For everyone the article does not say anything of best strategy or how to survive, or how to be fast. it is merely an experiment I did a bit too late, to see if it is possible. Note five... Do not read the next 5 words unless you don't want a hint about what the article is about... Ok, i gave you some slack... a few more words now... The article is an experiment to go from a low level L0 would be fun to level 50 in a scout, then survive in level 50 long enough to win the game or get some cool stuff. I did not win the game... it is game over.

Ok, now feel free to read the article. More typos will be removed and sentences will be fixed later. Several have already been fixed. Everyone may restructure or edit this article.

When the destination is reached the message Radiation proximity alert pops up on the screen, then it is important to wake up in case you need to navigate away form the pirates. When travelling from level 8 system to level 22 system the Nova was available in the market so it will take a while before that can be bought. Current money content is 122 000 and the price for the nova is 16.5 mill. A prototype Astro demon 3 was found on a station in the system at level 22. The maximum level in the game is 50 so by travelling to the station half way seem to be a good idea if you live long enough to start earning money. Well it was not the best idea. Lets do another experiment. 

After staying at Kox level 50 and fighting real hard, I bought a new ship. After staying a bit longer. (mining) about 2000 dynex I got the first million, and planned to buy a new ship, but as said before always look for job oppurtunity and one popped up. Deliver 130 dynex to Kax and job pays 35 mill. The best of all was local delivery. Now after mining 2134 dynex I had 35 mill. Guess what, Nova for sale only 15.4 mill. Though a choice, What to do with the other 15 mill. Time for a change. Buy everything which is needed on the market, no time to wait for rare items. And since this is L50 everything is available, heavy shield, heavy fuel etc. Now the Nova is close to invincible and look what, another job pays 79 mill in Nineza (level 46) Deliver 1000 Lokken. Well unfortunately there is only 200 Lokken at level 50 this time, time to travel to another system. Travel by gate or dark space, Well level 46 is a few travels with the gate, and why not load up the Nove with 3 4 level nine engines, a heavy afterburner the biggest fuel tank and 100 heavy fuel pods. The price is less than a millon or was is half a million, so this is cheap.

Ship loaded, and 500 missiles on board in case there is a need for them. Lets travel. Going 90 km/s, going 130, Mining in dark space ... too late passing pirates, lets zoom in and target them... too late again. Ok lets keep this zoom and wait for the next target. Again too late, reacehed destination system at level 46. Ok lets look for Lokken but dock the ship first to install the mining tools.

Hmm, there is no Lokken here, just a few hundreds crates, and a few Dynex planets and a couple Plastine planets. Still missing 800 Lokken to fulfill the job. Could there be Lokken in system 45 or 44, and will the job last that long. Its woth a try. Docking, installing mining equipment. Removing missil launchers. Keep the afterburner and load some energy and a few target radars. Not to forget the cargo tank. The Nova has space for 1300 So it might not be neccesary, but to have 1000 Lokken, a few drones, fuel pods, EMP's etc it's just to much hassle to sell, than loading a cargo tank.

Anyway off you go to 45 afterburner on. Going 40 warp, attacked, look for planet. Lokken 200 km away, nearest station 400 km. Target planet ready mining Mine 100 before attacked. Run to safety 350 km away. Loading onboard 6 mining lasers, Prototype 3 of course, run to nearest Lokken away from Pirates. Two found one with 300 and one with 250.. Hmm still not 1000. Where should I go. level 46 or 44. Level 46 will possible not have Lokken, but maybe.

Lets go to 46 and then back to 45 after. Going to 46. No lokken here, but heavily attacked and nothing to defend myself. Good the Nova is invincible, and the repair pods, shield pods and the EMP is not the worst defence either. No heavy shield or armor as this ship has Target and energy.

No Lokken and back to level 45. Ahh the last 300 Lokken is here and the pirates seems busy with a green triangle. Lets run to the Lokken. chased by the pirates, mining 80, 150, 200, 280, reached 1000 and heavily shield damaged. Launching a couple of pods , back to normal helath.

Lets head for the station in level 46. The job is still available and it is the top most job. In five minutes it could have been gone. Job pays 79 mill and total money at this time is 90 mill. What to do next. The game is over, no need to do anything, and the game is ruined.

Well maybe not. Load the Nova with everything you like. Buy the other Dreanought ship for just 2 times 15 mill. Equip them with everything you like Experiment with 7 targets, long range missile, 7 heavy battle cannons or lasers. 7 Battle shields and crash into planets or ships, with a nuke.

Attack hideouts worth 30 000 or more and count seconds before they are destroyed. Load 7 times 6 or 8 or 9 missiles with missiles that destroy for 10. Turn of all missile launchers and look for a commander vessel. Follow the ship on the tail, with few target radars. Maybe add an afterburner and go in 40 around their ships. Wait wait, fire up the launchers, wait another 6 to nine seconds. Launce 80 missiles at the same time 40 km from the target. Zoom in, keep the autopilot on or your soon ging to another star system. And by the way pay attention to your fuel... No problem, there is enough energy Zoom in even more.  They can't hit you or pass your battle shields, and if they do launch an EMP-pod. Ahh I almost forgot. Your misslies are ready.

Hopefully you have zoomed correctly by now. Wait 0.5 seconds for the 80 misssiles to fly and knock on the commanders door. Even read the message from the commander, while you see the hull dropping. Hmm the commander survived. What to do now, wait another 9 secoends before the missiles are ready. How does the nuke work if you stay in the middle. Will that hurt. Lets try that. oops the commander is gone and I forgot to read the last message, and double oops... my shield is dropping. Why is that, there are no pirates nearby and what is that travelling ring.

Ahh I almost forgot, the nuke. Maybe it's not too smart to stay in the middle anyway. Should i launch a pod or what to see whats happening. Lets wait and see. Ahh nuke is gone, shield is still intact. Hull is at 100% It is a bit expensive to repair the battle hull, so better not to scracth it. Hmm that was interesting. I dont think I have been inside a nuke before. How many nukes for one hidout... Next experiment... Lets do a flyby at around 20 km / s then autotargent ships, then the hideout maybe increase to 30 km /s afterburner on, off, on, off. Nuke one out... nuke 2, nuke 3, nuke, 4 ... Hideout 30 000, 27 000 23 000 20 ... Hmm it takes 8 - 10 nukes on one hideout. Good to know.

The point is, the original goal reach level 50 through the warp gates is of course boring after running there with a scout ship, using several fuel pods, travelling at 5 km/s for ages (even fell a sleep ) run and hide in Kolekax, docking, installing the best weapon you can afford, replacing your ship (you can't mine here) 5 seconds after you leave the station you're wasted by 8 pirates, then finally you have docked enough times after taking out 4 or 5 ships with at least 1000 hit points, and you have a larger ship your self. Now you last for 30 seconds to a minute, so it is still important to stay at the station and dock whenever you are hit by missiles doing 120 damage, but eventually you have taken care of most of the pirates, run between the stations to loose some followers and are ready to mine. Important equipment the afterburner and 2 engines. Maybe a heavy shield too, but get enough energy so the mining goes as fast as possible. Harvest some more, then suddenly the job is available. Paying 35 mil for "just" 130 Dyn. You know at this stage that if you survive and take the job the original goal inside the game is over. You are already at level 50, but did not use the gates. You got tired at level 8 celaning each system and wanted to experiment.

The point is, the game has so many other aspects to it than to reach level 50 after getting the last key, that clearing all systems, then getting to level 50 for free and see a system with everything and no pirates is not fun. In level 50 you get everything you want because you definately have more money than if you go through dead space from level 6 or 8 fighting scouts, and mayby an acolyte commander.

The intention withe the article above was to spoil the fun for other player, no not really, there is no need to read it if you feel it spoils the fun. The idea and intention was to give some inputs about other ways to play the game. Experimenting what is possible, inspiring other to experiment and tell their ideas. To make the game different than what Momoguru created in the first place. Or maybe is this exactly what he or she planned, since the NPC have hinted about dead space for along time. I did the mistake of not experimenting when I played the level 10 default board

Then working to achieve the goal. Finally I had a few millions and could buy a decent ship. No need though the 300 k carrier or a Battleship is all you need if you are a bit carefull and loads plenty of missiles if needed. Then you reach Kolekax level 10. You can mine dynex. There is no pirates. And what avaits you... The Nova and costs stunning 17 mill at the 1.1 station. How can you get this ship and for what reason? There are no pirates in the entire 10 level system. Hmm settings reset pirate... Do it all over again. Getting the Nova after a long time, a few 5 mill jobs came up. Wasted all pirates for the 2., 3.time ... Hmm, there must be more to it. Lets zoom out. Cliking on systems... What happens if I click on a station. Lots of information. And the warp gates... Oh yes, i can travel 6 warp gates in one go... Great. Lets go to level 10 and test. What happens if I click warp gate 0. ahh back to start... Nothing to do here. Lets go back to 10... Hmm, don't want to warp gate... What is dead space and what happened to the hideouts mentioned by the NPC's and I think I remember the hideouts were part of the star systems in earlier builds of the game... Anyway lets get back to level 10 through dead space.. Hmm, going slow, just 18 km/s Afterburner... oops almost empty tank... Lets go back to level zero and load up... Back to level 10... ahh hideouts, pirates... there they are... hmm, why haven't I tried dead space before... No wepons onboard, only mining equipment... Hmm, planets in dead space... and Dynex from level 0... To bad I did not know about them before... I could have skippped all the adamyte... numerous jobs, travel to the gates fighting easy targets until suddenly wasted in the next gate... This is more fun, just bad the travel takes ages...

Could it be even more to the game than this. lets do some experimenting... Well. that's the story behind this article...

And the intention inspire others to do the same and mayby discover something new, and of course share the experience with the others. Maybe as hints or maybe as this walkthrough.

Anyway Astrox is a great and fun game so lets support Momoguro and wait anxiously for the sequel. Maybe the NPC's need help this time or want to be part of an alliance. Maybe Momo end up with an MMO, which I'm not a fan of, and hopefully the game could be a one player game with lots of tips, hints, explorations and not to forget fun.

Happy experimenting everyone and remember to share your ideas for fun goals. Well the game is now over for my sake. Lets go back from level 50 in my scout which is still in the hangar. In this game I did not upgrade anything. I got a few rare equipments, I mined a few planets before going to level 50. I did a few low pay jobs, i think the best was a 60 000 job at level 8. I wasted about 50 recons and 50 stingers, and less than ten capital ships, 2 bloodwakes and stayed out of trouble in levele 50 until I could get a bigger ship. Than cleared level 50 with missiles and heavy station docking. Bought a bigger ship and mined more dynex. Then got the 35 mill job and realised original game is over. But the experiment was not finished.

The worst thing you can do at level 50 is dyoing as the system is crowded with capital ships as soon as you leave the station. Sometimes the NPC's are targeted and you can get away, to another station and if you have enough money (200 000 or more) you can start earning money. Helath posds, fuel pods etc are expensive if you only have 50 000. And it is difficult to get back from level 50 if the challenge was to tough. You could try to gt to the warp gate to 0 but the best way could be going through dead space to another system (safe system... ) This means 8 or lower for my sake. If you end up in a system near a warp gate at a high level you would last a few seconds in a scout so the best advise is to reach the system through deadspace. If you die before you reach a system through dead space you are transported back to the system you started in (my case level 8) So the advice is stay alive until you can dock. Don't die in the system until you have enough eqipment, buy bigger ships and survive. Dock, dock, dock often and if you chose another system than 50 lets say 22 do hope you get what you want in the market or else you need to survive and either get back to level 8 or another system lets say 30. If you try to get to the gates with a small ship you will be wasted.

End article, walkthrough and tips section. Now the next step is to check the typos and all strange sentences. Maybe another time.