Standalone UpdatesEdit

  • June 16, 2017

Build 67

  • Modified save data to be stored in a local folder rather than the windows registry.

  • February 7, 2016 10:01pm

Build 66

  • Fixed mouse over tooltip for pause button.
  • Fixed magic crate bug.
  • Fixed asteroid respawn / regen bug.
  • Fixed Permadeath - reload pause bug.
  • Fixed small bug with qty slider in market.
  • Fixed graphic bug with tootip overlay on galaxy creation screen.
  • Fixed Death + Drone docking bug.
  • Adjusted font face, sizing.
  • Adjusted font sizing on tooltips for galaxy creation screen.
  • Adjusted COMM LINK button size to match others.
  • Added Foward and Back buttons to pilot avatar selection.
  • Added new options for Text size adjustment using sliders.
  • Added new toggle option on main HUD for friendly fire, default is off.
  • Added new map Layout option in galaxy creation, 'Tree'.
  • Added Popup notification when attempting to open a crate with no room in cargo.
  • Added scroll bars to notification text popups, to allow for larger text.
  • New Feature: There are now NPC merchants that will buy rare modules at a decent price, or sell them for a fair one. The number of items that a merchant will sell is completely random. However, the high level merchant, the better stuff he might sell you. The merchants will buy any rare modules you want to sell with no limits on what they will buy from you.
  • New Feature: New NPC type, called Sprites. They have no shape, or form... just balls of energy and light. They behave strangely, and no one really knows where they came from, or what they are doing. normally harmless, but rare reports of strange effects on ships, some good, some not so good. Best to avoid them to be on the safe side.
  • Ships data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
  • Skills data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
  • Modules data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
  • Asteroid data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.

  • January 15, 2016

Build 65

  • Improved Launch / Loadtime.
  • Improved Audio / Soundtrack loading.
  • Length of new character name , max set to 30.
  • Spelling and grammar fixes, hear and their.
  • Hotkey C (cargo) now toggles, instead of just opening.
  • Hotkey X (ship overview) now toggles, instead of just opening.
  • Minimum 10 Adamyte rocks on first default map sector (0) .
  • Pirate dens have unlimited missiles.
  • Revamped the galaxy creation screen. Options are now sorted into categories.
  • Replaced Acquire amount button with slider (100 to 1,000,000,000).
  • All Galaxy creation sliders now have buttons for lower increment amounts.
  • Added galaxy option for max pirates on map.
  • Added galaxy option for rate in which prices change.
  • Added galaxy option for pirate hideout strength and officer spawn rate.
  • Added galaxy option for pirate hideout strength and officer spawn rate.
  • Added galaxy option for asteroid ore density.
  • Added galaxy option for maximum number of jobs available.
  • Added galaxy option for re-spawning asteroids.
  • Added galaxy option for asteroid rotation around center star.
  • Added Pause Button to main ship hud.
  • Asteroids can now regenerate slowly, unless mined completely.
  • Improved ship path-finding for asteroids, stations, hideouts, and other pirates.
  • Mining an orbiting asteroid will cause the asteroid to slow down, and eventually stop orbiting.
  • New Death options in galaxy creation, allowing for perma death.
  • Improved collision detection for all Asteroids.
  • Minimum pirate laser damage now set to laser damage/2.
  • Adjusted pirate laser fire timers, now based on seconds, not cycles.
  • Slowed rotation of title screen camera.
  • Jobs expire from the list, top down, and now show estimated expiration time.
  • Ships docked and cargo stored in a station are now listed in station overview on galaxy map.
    • Modules are now stored on ships when changing ships in the HANGAR. Buying new ships clears all modules.
  • Ingame text for Pirate Taunts now loaded externally from txt file. (MOD_DATA folder)
  • Ingame text for NPC chats and recipes now loaded externally from txt file. (MOD_DATA folder)
  • Ingame text for Pirate Taunts now loaded externally from txt file. (MOD_DATA folder)
  • Ingame text for Victory Parole Legacy now loaded externally from txt file. (MOD_DATA folder)

  • January 2, 2016

Build 64

  • Fixed NPC generation bug.
  • Adjusted NPC communication link button to match position of HUD buttons.
  • Star particles stacking up, bug fixed.
  • Sound options bug fixed, music and sound volume now saves properly.
  • Camera depth focus option is now turned off by default.
  • Added new Win game Screen, with galaxy regeneration button.
  • Added Dynamic end game story based on your stats.
  • Mild Texture compression for skyboxes.
  • Fixed Export saved game bug hanging and creating multiple files.

  • December 27, 2015

Build 63a

  • Bug Fixes
  • Pilot window now displays the proper information
  • Pilot avatar can now be changed under special options

  • December 24, 2015 9:36am

Build 63:

  • Fixed alignment of buttons in REFINERY, CARGO, and HANGAR.
  • Refining / Scrapping, Selling items in the refinery will generate a notification popup of results.
  • Adjusted pop up box location in station.
  • Adjusted Max systems allowed to 100.
  • Fixed Tactical Command Ship bonuses.
  • Fixed bug where buying a module, then refinining it would cause error.
  • Buying and selling in the market will generate notifications.
  • Station interiors are now somewhat randomly generated. (still going on this)
  • Buying and Selling ships in the shipyard now generates notification reports.
  • Buying and training skills at the university now generates notifications.
  • Upgrading in the lab generates notifications.
  • Leasing space in the hangar now generates notifications.
  • Completing a job now generates a notification report.
  • NPC ship no longer move when game is paused.
  • Created new pilot face models, for a total of 16.
  • Adjusted Engine flare brightness.
  • Autowarp and Autodock options now saves.
  • Added new skin design.
  • Revamped Options menu, with new options and settings.
  • Added new Sound and Music volume sliders and toggle buttons.
  • Adjusted starting camera position on station load.
  • Revamped targeting overlay graphics.
  • Added back 7 unique asteroid models.
  • Multiple graphics tweaks and enhancements.
  • Engine fuel burn is now an option. Afterburners still require fuel.
  • Added 2 new custom songs to the soundtrack.
  • Revamped Warpgates, Stations and Asteroid models and textures.

Build 62:

  • Astrox exists as a standalone game

Kongregate UpdatesEdit

  • April 7, 2015 11:26am

Build 60b:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed pilot view bug on new ships
  • Fixed zoom bug on pilot view.
  • Fixed minor Text formatting, spelling.
  • Added double click camera rotation (for tablets)
  • Fixed Galaxy Regenerate button overlay bug.
  • Fixed Active slot modulator bug.
  • Negative Difficulty prevents all badges.
  • All stats now reset properly on new game creation.

  • March 20, 2015 4:09pm

Build 60 (Final Kong Build):

  • More adjustments to autopilot, better braking and turnaway.
  • Fixed Modulator Active slot bug.
  • All ships now have 0 – 3 attribute modifiers.
  • Fixed 0 ammo cycling bug.
  • Added warp effect to incoming pirates.
  • Added Deadspace events.
  • Find rare asteroids to mine in deadspace.
  • Find pirate hideouts in deadspace.
  • Fight roaming bands of pirates , officers and commanders.
  • Encounter npc gangs in deadspace.
  • Uncover abandoned storage in deadspace.
  • Revamped Title Screen and Game over Screen.
  • Added 5 new Skybox scenes.
  • Added 3 new Mining class ships.
  • Added 2 new Dreadnaught class ships.
  • New Astrox Commander Ship
  • Jobs list is spawned on game start.
  • Crates are now click to open.
  • Crates can contain special items.
  • Crates shown on sensors overview.
  • Officers, Hideouts no longer drop rares, they drop crates with rares.
  • New message notifications appear on top of old.

  • March 9, 2015 7:53pm

Build 59:

  • Tweaked some tutorial text for clarity.
  • Tutorial now requires 3 asteroids mined instead of 10.
  • Tutorial now requires 25 pirates killed instead of 50.
  • Tutorial endgame objectives display bug fixed.
  • Slight adjustments to text positions of small gui elements.
  • Fixed eject cargo bug. (missing slider)
  • Fixed lease hangar space cost bug.
  • Added basic path finding so ships better avoid collisions with non targets.
  • Engine effects removed in station, ship rotation level.
  • sun no longer shines in station.
  • Mining drone base yield has been adjust from 2 to 8.
  • Mining drones will no longer fire lasers if cargo is full.
  • Cargo Space is now reserved for active drones, show in drone bay and cargo mouse over.
  • Drone bay opened automatically when launching drones.
  • Ship overview now shows number of allowable drones and active drones (5 / 10).
  • Shipyard and Ship mouse over now shows (0 / 10) for drones for consistency.
  • Galaxy View button now toggles between close up and galaxy view.
  • Targeting system upgrades recipe bug fixed.
  • Revamped Lab to include discoverable recipes. from NPCS or trail and error.
  • New lab recipes for Shield Boosters and Afterburners.

  • February 20, 2015 5:47am

Build 58

  • All jobs now show what you currently have vs what you need to complete.
  • Popup Notification box now shows number of messages if more than 1.
  • Pirates entering system now have popup.
  • Popup Notification now has close all button for multiples.
  • Modifications to popup box position in station.
  • Improved Objectives panel, now shows progress after tutorial completed.
  • Doubled base price value of all asteroids.
  • Doubled internal mining laser harvest calculation.
  • Damage now shows over each module for lasers, missiles and projectiles.
  • Repairs and Mining yeilds now show over each module.
  • Drones will now return to ship and recharge when low on energy.
  • Drones fly very slow when low on energy to conserve power.
  • Drone recharging drains power from the main ship.
  • Drones will stay in recharge mode until fully charged.
  • Disabled bandbox while any overlay window is open.

  • February 20, 2015 5:47am

Build 57

  • GUI Skin / Makeover

  • January 14, 2015 11:44pm

Build 56a

  • University only shows skills available based on level.
  • Skill mouse over shows correct base costs to reflect latest adjustment in build 56.
  • Fuel Skill now labelled as Fuel Reduction Bonus.
  • Fixed bad description for Drone Armor Skill.
  • Added nemoricus to the credits for his incredible feedback and extensive testing.
  • Added 5 new skills. Missile Defense,Afterburner Systems,Energy Core Capacity,Missile Ordinance,Craft Control
  • Number of missiles fired by pirates effected by pirate strength setting. ( strength 100 = 6 missiles max )
  • Pirate Missile damage reduced by 50%
  • Max missile speed reduced for higher game speed.
  • Closing missiles will slightly reduce speed to better collide with target.
  • Magweb ship speed bug fixed. You can adjust speed if less than 1.
  • Camera zoom bug fixed, if you zoom to close, it will retract.
  • Added level up effect for your ship.
  • Brand new SUN / STAR object.
  • Flying close to the sun will recharge your energy.
  • Flying close to the sun will cause radiation damage to your ship.
  • Adjusted turn away for asteroid collision.
  • Eject cargo now has slider bar and confirmation.
  • Fixed scrollbar reset bug on window open.
  • Sensors ship icon now visible in galaxy view.
  • F key will toggle fullscreen.
  • Various minor graphic effects and tweaks.
  • Fixed tooltip readout for pirate strength on galaxy generation screen.
  • Fixed Tooltips for regenerate galaxy option.
  • Game speed adjustment now is single decimal for easy adjustment.
  • Galaxy camera now zooms 50k further out.
  • All ships now have a trickle charge to shields of .001 per frame.
  • All shield regen modules boosted by 5%.
  • Spelling and grammatical fixes to ships descriptions.
  • All references to credits in game are now formatted for currency.
  • Attempted to add a warning for browsers with cookies disabled. (hope this helps)
  • Extra map data is cleared on end game Galaxy Regeneration.
  • Galaxy Regeneration returns to to title screen for better memory cleanup.
  • Tweaked autopilot to minimize collisions with targets.
  • Fixed phantom pirate laser bug.
  • Fixed non colliding missile bug.
  • Adjusted Adamyte rotation center.
  • Active ship box now green in hangar.
  • Jobs can now be sorted by type.

  • January 9, 2015 8:09pm

Build 56:

  • Running out of fuel now displays ‘EMERGENCY ENERGY IN USE’.
  • Added new pirate text for combat officer convo.
  • Custom credits slider now increments by 500;
  • Added + and – buttons for starting credits on Custom screen.
  • Re-priced all skill training costs. base level modifier went from 1000 to 500
  • Pirate officers stats now effected by pirate strength options.
  • Pirate hideout base damage increased from 25 to 75;
  • Pirate officers health adjusted based on pirate strength option * map level.
  • Reduction in heavy drone base damage. (from 10-15 to 7-12)
  • Bounty for NPC bug fixed. (for real this time)
  • Skill prices now reflect training cost.
  • Heavy drone fire timer is randomized.
  • Fixed player beam weapon damage bug for highly upgraded weapons. (thanx minichiken)
  • Added 3 new Destroyer class ships.
  • Pirate hideout lock range adjusted based on map level.
  • Collision with asteroids causes small damage, and bounce back.
  • Increased the max pirate strength limit 100, just for fun.
  • Added a reset setting button on customize galaxy screen.

  • December 16, 2014 7:09pm

Build 55b:

  • Fixed Disappearing hangar cargo bug (the cargo wasn’t lost, just stored in another station where you had that cargo type stored already, you may want to go get them, they are still there)
  • Added QTY movement functionality from SHIP to HANGAR
  • Added QTY movement functionality from HANGAR to SHIP
  • Added self cache initialization for chrome browser to help prevent lost saves for for time players using chrome.

  • December 14, 2014 11:28pm

Build 55a:

  • Fixed support drone range bug (caused by high levels of drone link skill)
  • Fixed Autogun range bug (caused by high levels of drone link skill)
  • Fixed Heavy Drone range bug (caused by high levels of drone link skill)
  • Fixed Mining Drone range bug (caused by high levels of drone link skill)
  • Maximum skill lvl is 100 for all skills. (til i get the new tree put together)
  • Skills training cost is now adjusted for current skill level.
  • Maximum player credits now 2,000,000,000 (2 billion)
  • Maximum job cargo requirement (1200);
  • Spelling and grammar fixes.

  • December 10, 2014 3:10am

Build 55: Merry Xmas!

  • Updated / resized fonts.
  • Fixed default setting to display random color maps.
  • Active module meters enlarged.
  • Base pirate spawn rate doubled from 200 seconds to 400.
  • Laser timers now synced with game timer.
  • Missile launcher timers now synced with game timer.
  • Projectile timers now synced with game timer.
  • Magwebs adjusted to progressively effect speed.
  • Tutorial ON/OFF has been replace with RESET TUTORIAL under options.
  • Added Player levels and experience points.
  • Added 20 skills that can progressively be upgraded endlessly.
  • Skill points are earned upon leveling your pilot.
  • Add UNIVERSITY tab at stations to allow for purchasing and training skills.
  • Increases Battery life of all drones by 30%.
  • Increased Range of all drones by 15%.
  • Docking with station required all drones have been docked.
  • Pirate dens have been completely revamped.
  • Added new buff modifiers for Drones.
  • Added buff mods for asteroid sale value, hull repair, turn speed.
  • Additional info now displayed on ship overview screen.
  • Move auto refuel / repair buttons to each refuel / repair screen.
  • Fixed laggy scrolling in screen with many items on the list.
  • Transport trade good jobs now pick from all trade goods in database.
  • Get random cargo item now provides all trade goods.
  • Added Laboratory, a place to upgrade modules with materials refined from asteroids (crafting).
  • Ship Hangar bay now implemented. You can dock up to 3 ships at a station.
  • You can now sell ships you have docked.
  • You can lease storage cargo space at the stations.
  • Tons of tweaks and fixes.

  • October 27, 2014 6:53am

Build 54:

  • Fullscreen toggle bug fixed.
  • Tool tips for achievements only display when achievement is earned.
  • Clicking through windows onto objects fixed.
  • Galaxy zooming blocked when windows are open.
  • Fixed dead pirate laser bug.
  • Drone activity now depletes drone batteries
  • The more they fight, support, mine, the more energy used.
  • Drones slow to conserve fuel when ship is stopped.
  • Explosion effect now has randomized rotation.
  • Fixed text error on Pilot view key. (V).
  • Fixed pilot view camera, no longer shows ship.
  • Removed crew button until it is implemented.
  • Improved autopilot navigation / flight.
  • Fixed missing object bug for projectiles and launchers.
  • Lasers negative damage bug fixed.

  • September 21, 2014 9:31am

Build 53:

  • Fixed Ship click window bug
  • Fixed Final warp gate popup bug
  • Revamped some of the LOAD page code.
  • Revamped Cloak field effect.
  • Disabled window dragging.
  • Default galaxy now set on linear gates.
  • Added EJECT from ship button for non usable cargo.
  • Fixed music volume bug on options screen.
  • Pirate strength meter now allows for INSANELY hard mode.
  • Better spacing on custom galaxy options.

  • June 29, 2014 3:50am

Build 52:

  • Added Slider controls to galaxy creation screen
  • Added Slider controls to Shops
  • Added master volume slider control on options page
  • Game Windows are now drag-able
  • Fixed laser recharge bug
  • Tweaked galaxy options parameter limits.
  • New graphical effects in combat
  • Fixed mouse over for rare items in refinery
  • Bad Saves are labelled as such on load screen.
  • Fixed missing objects bug on player ships

  • June 26, 2014 2:24am

Build 50-51:

  • New Drone Hud
  • Drone energy and Type displayed and can be clicked to dock each individually.
  • Revamped drone damage / attack system
  • Game completion allows for custom galaxy restart button under options.
  • Tons of graphical tweaks.
  • Multiple shield boosters now stack buffs
  • Added support drone effects
  • 6 New Career medals
  • Revamped scoring system
  • Revamped Station info window in galaxy view
  • Galaxy view shows jobs listing
  • New Kill jobs
  • Revamped Job system for better job offers based on map level.
  • Revamped station windows and tool tips for consistency.
  • Better Pirate AI for combat.

  • June 9, 2014 10:47pm

Build 49:

  • Fixed Support Drone bug
  • Fixed laser graphics bug
  • Added (?) key for alternate right click.
-Hold down the (?) key and use left click to simulate right click.
-Hold (?) to enable camera rotation.
-Hold (?) and LEFT CLICK to load ammo
  • Added / Tweaked some effects
  • Adjusted laser range / hit change

  • May 22, 2014 1:49pm

Build 48:

  • Support Drone increased range on repairs
  • Drone button only shown for drone capable ships
  • Drone dock cargo bug fixed.
  • Galaxy lines enhanced for better viewing.
  • Galaxy globes can be clicked to access stations info.
  • Transports turn speed increased to .6, and .5
  • Scoring system adjusted for better rankings.
  • A few spelling fixes.

  • May 12, 2014 6:32pm

Build 47:

  • Pirate Hideouts now take nuke damage.
  • Pirate Hideouts greatly increased chances of rare items.
  • Galaxy view allows station prices overview.
  • Fixed max drone launch bug
  • Spelling fixes
  • Added SUPPORT DRONES. these repair shield and hull.
  • NPC’s can now be attacked and killed.
  • Drone button now shows max and meter.

  • May 08, 2014 9:51am

Build 46:

  • Fixed pirate cargo bug.
  • Cloaking disabled on warp.
  • Adjusted Nuke timer to better sync to animation.
  • Adjusted kong api stats submission.

  • May 1, 2014 7:21am

Build 45:

  • Added Heavy Assault Fighter. 6/6/4
  • Added Heavy Command Escort 6/6/8
  • Added Tactical Command Ship 7/7/7
  • Fixed drone cargo bug
  • Fixed NPC sound fx bug
  • Laser readout for ‘target too far for dmg’
  • Fix cloak bug

  • May 1, 2014

Build 44:

  • Added Heavy Assault Fighter. 6/6/4
  • Added Heavy Command Escort 6/6/8
  • Added Tactical Command Ship 7/7/7
  • Fixed drone cargo bug
  • Fixed NPC sound fx bug
  • Laser readout for ‘target too far for dmg’
  • Fix cloak bug

  • April 28, 2014 9:15pm

Build 44:

  • Added new ACTIVE CONVERTER modulator that will convert 1 modulator slot into 1 ACTIVE module slot.
  • Added new STATIC CONVERTER modulator that will convert 1 modulator slot into 1 STATIC module slot.
  • Fixed lighting bug cause by galaxy globe.
  • Adjusted galaxy globes for easier viewing
  • Adjusted galaxy lines for brighter, easier viewing.
  • Adjusted rare drops for items with bad decimal readouts.
  • Small adjustment to flak ammo for slightly better hit rates at any distance.

  • April 28, 2014 4:43am

Build 43e:

  • A slew of tiny, but annoying bugs fixes.

  • April 27, 2014 2:50pm

Build 43c:

  • Fix galaxy overlap bug
  • fixed overloaded cargo from crates bug.
  • fixed ulity cargo shop bug

  • April 27, 2014 8:55am

Build 43b:

  • Fixed critical bug that prevented hotkeys after undock.

  • April 27, 2014

Build 43:

  • Added 11 new modulators, including drone lockers (+5 drones) and shield re-generators (trickle charge)
  • Fix camera clipping in pilot view
  • Major revamp of sprite engine, for better memory usage.
  • Added new utility CLOAK GENERATOR, prevents pirates from locking on.
  • Added game over scoring (more to come)
  • Increased shield boosters by 50%
  • Fixed ships base stats bug.

  • April 26, 2014 7:51am

Build 42a:

  • Tweaked lasers, no longer will they miss, just a reduced dmg based on ship distance and lock range.
  • Added new news items. for officer and pirate den kills.
  • Pirate dens will respawn if weaker pirate dens exist in lesser systems.
  • Bounty increased
  • max number of pirates allowed on map reduced.

  • April 25, 2014 12:12pm

Build 42:

  • Added Pirate Hideouts, These spawn officers for farming and clearing.
  • Added new stats, preparing for new achievements.
  • New laser beam system, you may want to rebuy these ;)
  • a few tweaks and bug fixes.

  • April 24, 2014

Build 41:

  • Added UTILITY sorting in REFINERY (you will need to rebuy ammo to use it)
  • Added 3 LASER modulators.
  • Added READOUT log, with toggle
  • Ships leave the station with… wait for it… active modules still on ;)
  • Spelling fixes.
  • Minor UI mechanics tweaks
  • Attempted to remove/reduce graphical memory leak.

  • April 22, 2014 4:43am

Build 40:

  • ALT + CLICK will select only that NAME of object
  • Special Missile Launchers no longer have decimals in # of missiles
  • Fixed special item prices
  • Fixed BUY MAX decimal bug.
  • NPCs will give you tips
  • Nuke damage doubled for pirates.
  • Nuke timer reduced by 50%
  • Fixed avatar 7 pilot view bug.
  • Fixed heavy damage drone readout bug.
  • Fixed NPC damage readout bug.

  • April 19, 2014 11:44pm

Build 39:

  • New NPC ships. They fly, fight, mine, warp and dock.
  • CTRL+CLICK selects all of that class.
  • No more utility drops from officers
  • Reduced drone sparks for better FPS
  • Drones now slow down when low on energy.
  • Warp button no longer appears if autowarp is on
  • Dock button no longer appears if autodock is on.
  • Target scrollbar bug fixed.
  • lots of tiny mechanical tweaks, and fixes.

  • Apr 17, 2014 11:10pm

Build 38:

  • Fixed hull install / uninstall bug
  • Drone now max launch with RIGHT CLICK
  • Added 6 new pirates.
  • Reduced amount of pirates on spawn.
  • Adjusted Pirate AI and stats
  • Fixed spelling errors.
  • Added new explosion graphics
  • Tweaked ship autopilot AI.

  • Apr 17, 2014 1:26am

Build 37:

  • Pirate strength now adjusted per map level.
  • Missile lifespan adjusted to compensate for long range attacks
  • Difficulty rating added to creation screen.
  • Tweaked mining lasers and projectile stats.

  • Apr 15, 2014 10:48pm

Build 36:

  • You can now select pilot avatar photo
  • Pilot Window now contains achievements (journal, jobs and trade coming soon).
  • Added 3 new MOD module types.
  • Adjusted all MOD module prices, values, and sprites.
  • Revamped options window, how contains hotkey table.
  • Added 2 new Command Class ships.
  • MOD modules now have their own place. Number allowed based on ship.
  • bug fixes and spelling fixes as always.

  • Apr 15, 2014 1:18am

Build 35:

  • Fixed Asteroid Mined counter
  • Added New Module type, MODULATORS. These are % Buff modules that will effect just about everything.
  • Added 4 new buff modules, amny more otw.
  • Fixed bad centering on all drones.
  • Adjusted laser effect for mining drones.
  • Added starfield dust for effect.
  • Special item drops now get better with officer level.
  • Shop items dispersed now base on price vs map lvl
  • Fixed sound fx bug when buying new ships.

  • Apr 14, 2014 7:49pm

Build 34:

  • Lots of bug fixes, spelling fixes, and general tweaks.
  • fixed objectives.
  • fixed drone bug
  • tweaked speed AI for ship autopilot

  • Apr 10, 2014 9:31pm

Build 33:

  • Fix Autopilot speed AI controls.
  • Added mining drones
  • Added Heavy Drones
  • Fixed spacing in windows for better readability.
  • Fixed reverse fuel burn bug.
  • Assault carrier back to 7/7

  • Apr 9, 2014 8:05am

Build 32:

  • Fixed small btn text.
  • Added AUTODOCK, AUTOWARP feature.
  • Static ship modules now stackable
  • Static ship module count based on ship
  • New ship purchases will uninstall all modules
  • You cannot undock if cargo is overloaded.
  • Added 5 new ships
  • added 3 new mining lasers
  • Artifacts now colored.
  • Spelling fixes galore
  • Final boss achievement bug fixed.

  • Apr 7, 2014 2:16pm

Build 30:

  • Ammo loading tweak.
  • Dock Drones button
  • Drones are autodocked, when buying a ship
  • Free fly to all systems. You no longer need warpgates to jump from one system to another. can you see where this is heading? ;)

  • Apr 7, 2014 10:31am

Build 29a:

  • Fixed critical game crash bug, upon rare drop, and dock.
  • Fixed ammo load cycling bug.

  • Apr 7, 2014 2:30am

Build 29:

  • Revamped drone AI
  • 2 new projectile ammo, Flak and Long range.
  • 2 new Missiles, Short range / Long range.
  • Revamped Utility Tool bar
  • Spelling Fixes, Small graphical tweaks.
  • Fixed camera culling on carriers.
  • Right click to Load ammo.
  • Additions Tool tip info in garage.

  • Apr 5, 2014 3:51pm

Build 28:

  • Fixed missiles AI and mechanics.
  • Fix graphic bug with ship lasers
  • Fixed graphical station zoom and camera.
  • 12% increase to energy recharging.

Build 27c:

  • Bux fix on regen map
  • mining laser harvest increased 20%
  • fixed random setting bug on map generation.
  • missiles now destroyed with EMP
  • missiles now slowed in magweb
  • fixed afterburner :)

Build 27b:

  • The regen galaxy will now fix your astrox gate key, and commander bug from old saves.

Build 27a:

  • Since I am a crackhead with updates, to prevent you guys from having to start over to get the new content i am adding, you can now go under options and REGENERATE the galaxy. This will update your saved games with a brand new world, with all the new stuff. You will NOT lose anything at all, just a new map. All new content will be dispersed throughout the galaxy making it available to you without having to start over from scratch. You can find this under options.
  • Fixed tooltip bug for fullscreen Increase Default travel speed by * 1.5

Build 27:

  • 5 new ships! (available on endgame map for existing games)
  • Shipyard buys old ship after purchase of new for half price.
  • Drones beefed up considerably
  • Drones are now exclusive for capitol class ships.
  • End game map available after Commander is killed.
  • End game map warpgate requires key from commander.
  • Endgame map allows you to start at beginning, with warpgate to 0
  • Achievement bug fixed
  • Instant officer respawn bug fixed.
  • Downgrading ship prevent unavailable module slot use.

Build 26:

  • Magweb, EMP, Nukes, and Fighter Drone Utilities have arrived! (distributed on new galaxy generation, forced at ASTROX STATION map 0 on existing games)
  • Ship hud now includes utility quick launch buttons, (hotkeys coming soon.)
  • Jobs are now cleared on New and Load game from previous game
  • ’0’ number key now toggles module state, on if off, off if on.
  • Number now listed on warpgate targeting list.
  • Tooltip tweak for better readability

Build 25:

  • Order Installed modules using RIGHT CLICK
  • NEW pilot view controls

-mouse steering -improved WASD -Target location indicator -free steering with AUTOPILOT -free speed control with AUTOPILOT

  • Adjusted Laser and Missile stats (will require rebuying)
  • ’z’ Toggles autopilot
  • No more zoom or rotation on WINDOWS in station
  • Special item indicator in garage.

Build 24:

  • No target list overlay on selected target
  • Export and Import Save Game Data
  • Objective Text removed on WIN
  • Station price modifier display 3 digits
  • Lowered Beep volumes
  • Special items show purple background

Build 23a:

  • Fixed critical bug preventing WASD
  • ‘x’ now toggles, not just opens SHIP overview
  • c’ now toggles, not just opens cargo

Build 23:

  • Shops now show if module is installed.
  • ‘c’ opens cargo window
  • ‘s’ open ship window
  • Fixed missile not dying bug with no targets
  • You can now scrap utilities
  • SHIFT LEFT CLICK selects and deselects targets on map, and on target list.
  • No mouse wheel zoom when window is open
  • No mouse wheel zoom over target list
  • Minimum laser dmg = dmg/2
  • Fixed weapon fire bug
  • ‘e’ now accelerate engines even with autopilot on (GREAT for combat)
  • Fixed the RESET MAP PIRATES button bug
  • Respawn pirate option in galaxy editor auto toggled on win objectives Kill, and Boss kill.
  • Pause indicator on screen when paused.

Build 22:

  • 40% reduction on mining laser penalty for rarer asteroids.
  • New fire weapon mechanism now detects the health of target before releasing the blast, thus preventing wasted firepower if another target is available.
  • Gatekeeper text fix
  • New function for detecting final officer and commander on final map.

Build 21:

  • 0 key deactivates all active modules.
  • Mouse over details for pirates and asteroids on target list.
  • Afterburners shut down on approach in autopilot.
  • Last map stations carry ALL ships, regardless of galaxy settings or saves.
  • Dynex is placed in last map, regardless of galaxy settings or saves.
  • Ship stops when autopilot with no target.
  • Fixed mining sound bug.
  • ‘p’ now pauses the game.
  • ‘v’ changes camera vie, pilot / overhead.

Build 20:

  • Auto Repair and Refuel setting now save
  • Sound fx option saves
  • Music options saves
  • New button in OPTIONS to allow for RESET of map pirates and officers. (mainly for players with old saves that are bugged, or guys who wanna farm rare drops)
  • + and – keys now zoom based on camera distance. nice fine tuning for keyboard zoom
  • Warpgates now show map level they head to
  • Fixed refinery scrollbar bug.

Build 19:

  • Added sorting to refinery screen.
  • Tweaks to jobs panel in station
  • Jobs now pay more based on various factors
  • Fixed OBJECTIVE display bug.
  • Fuel burn slightly reduced
  • Stations sensors overlay shows price base
  • Fixed ship slowly turning on its own
  • Carrier always available on last map
  • Adamyte always available on first map
  • OFFICERS will only spawn if all lower level officers have been killed, no more skipping.

Build 18:

  • Final Astrox Commander achievement fixed.
  • Galaxy view now shows clear systems in green.
  • Bandbox selection sorts by distance
  • fullscreen mode no longer stretches, now shows in native desktop resolution.

Build 17:

  • Fixed Scraping Rare Items Bug.
  • Fixed Scrambled icons in Ship Overview bug.

Build 16:

  • Fixed mis-labeled items in targeting overlay
  • List All BTNS show targets in order of distance
  • Shop now has QTY adjustments include MAX BUY and MAX SELL options
  • Deleting account now has confirmation btn.
  • Fixed final Commander bug.
  • Fixed accidental scrapping of Special Items bug

Build 15:

  • Revamped AUTOPILOT AI for combat and general flight.
  • Revamped Missiles, Bullets
  • Stations in same system will generate with same base price modifier.
  • Pirate ships burn at 1/3 health
  • Shipyard generation bug fixed
  • Overlay of stations and prices on galaxy view
  • Undocking from station moves you away further.
  • You must now repair damaged HULL before uninstalling.
  • Newly installed HULLS no longer need repairs

Build 14:

  • Fixed missing shop items bug in generator.
  • Tweaks Officer spawn on final map.
  • Tweaked the way your ship follows other ships in combat.

Build 13:

  • Pirate spawn rate fixed
  • Missile AI improve, missile speed tweaked.
  • Missile will relock on new targets.
  • Bullet speed and collision box increased
  • Adjusted ship’s AI approach on target.
  • Price News has system and station info
  • Jobs offer more based on distance and danger
  • Sensors bug fixed in pilot view.

Build 12:

  • Reset Base size of asteroids to match those of older game saves. This should bring them back up to normal sizes for those playing older saves. small tweaks and spelling fix.

Build 11:

  • Option to select startup Ship on game creation
  • Option to select startup Credits
  • Respawn by default is back to OFF (pre build 10 setting)
  • Asteroid default size back to build 9 setting

Build 10:

  • Custom Galaxy options on Creation
  • Ability to set WIN parameters
  • Missile damage doubled.
  • Ship auto distance adjusted